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Great Dating Tips

Ways to Talk to a Girl you would like to Date

Many guys find it a problem approaching a girl they have never interacted with. They find it hard to start a conversation, create a good impression in the lady, learning of her ways and finally planning for the first date. Surprisingly, starting the first conversation is easy and simple if you deploy our 3-piece strategy. If you’re one of them and you are worried, we will guide you on how to overcome such problems.


Be assertive and strike up a conversation:

Ladies prefer assertive guys to cowards. This is the first strategy you have to deploy if you need to talk to a lady. Let all the fear in you go. Always remember that ladies are human and have feelings too. A lady may crush on you but won’t tell you. She will wait eagerly for you to start a conversation with her. You should not be worried about the outcome, approach her first and the rest will be history.

When talking with her, let the conversation flow naturally. You don’t have to plan prior in order to start the conversation. How can one achieve this? If the lady you are attracted to is with friends, you can jump into their conversation with a nice comment. Also, if she is alone, you can greet her using a good pick-up. The pick-up can be about her dressing or what she holds in her hands. Thereafter, you can start small talks with her as you familiarize yourselves with each other.

Start with making her your friend:

Our second strategy is making the lady you are attracted to your friend. These aids in making her feel free to you and ready for the first date. It is now your obligation to inquire of her likes and dislikes. Make it a routine to have short and impressive conversations with her on a daily basis. Discuss of her likes and dislikes or get to know her family. If you prefer using texts to making a call, try to be funny and create humor. This will make her long for your messages and with time you will be part of her schedule. Unless you text her well, you will get turned down.

Additionally, try to be compatible with her by finding out the common interests and hobbies. You need to ascertain that she is the best lady you are going to spend a lot of time with. Therefore, it is necessary you create a bond between the two of you. This is possible by finding out if she is already dating or not. If she is dating, try your best to reduce her interest in someone else by motivating and making her happy.

Ask her out:

Once you have the bond created between the two of you, it’s time to ask her out. Know of the places she feels comfortable in and then start plans for the first date. Play with her psychology to make her know your plans and feelings towards her.

5 Things you should Absolutely Avoid on a First Date

After meeting someone cool it’s so exciting when you think of the first date with them. It is more of nerve-wrecking. The anxiety which comes along should not let you spoil the date. It is always advised that for a successful first date, avoid pretense especially when it comes to personal behavior.


This is just among the many don’ts and do’s which include:

Mentioning your ex and trying to be someone else:

This has always been a great turn off for most individuals. Often, it symbolizes that you are not yet over your ex and the date you are currently in is just a rebound. Talking about a person you loved makes your date start wondering whether you are ready to get someone new. Avoid such conversation to avoid failure.

If you decide to act on your first date you will get a bigger challenge later when trying to be real. Just be real and natural such that you won’t need to remember the actions you implied later.

Getting drunk:

Drinking on your first date should be minimal at most less than two beverages. Excessive drinking may result in awkward situations leading you to make irrational decisions. The goals of a first date is engagement in speaking and listening which might not be achieved in a spinning room.

Talking much of yourself and staying on your phone:

Balance between talking about your own self and enquiring about the other party. Talking too much about yourself gives a self-centeredness implication. Asking the other party too much about themselves gives an uncomfortable feeling of a detective. Balance out.

Texting, retweeting, liking or posting when on a date makes the date think that you are not interested in the date or you are taking it less serious. At this time keep off your phone and focus on knowing your date well one-on-one.

Wearing revealing clothes and sleeping with him or her:

This the only chance to give appositive impression. The clothes you choose to wear can make you look loose or easy to the man even when you are not that. Do not dress like you are going for a gym but just dress well with no exaggerations. Be casual, for men just do pants and a shirt and ladies a beautiful dress or cute top with a pant or a skirt.

If your intention is the date to result in a serious relationship, ensure that you do not make love with your date on the first date. Letting yourself for sex on the first date may lead to no calls afterwards.

Coming with a friend:

This mostly affects ladies. Although first dates may be nerve-wracking, do not bring along a friend. It may feel comforting having your best friend around but realistically it is never a nice idea. Dates are meant for two people who want to know each other deeper. Coming along with her shifts your attention to her from your date. Just let the guy know you are not interested in the date rather than turning up with a friend.



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